Lockdown Operations with Catseye Rescue

So lockdown is probably taking its toll on most of us by now, we have been busy in preparation for some motorsports action getting a few jobs done on the unit, new graphics, radios fitted a nice polish up and lightbars swapped from strobe to full LED, and good friend of Catseye Rescue Matt Barlow painted the wheels,we have also recently changed the interior lighting to superbright LED.its been a real team effort and the results have paid off

A little about us...

The Motorsport UK  regulations specify the equipment to be carried by a Motorsport Rescue Unit. A Rescue Unit is a little like a Front Line Ambulance and a Fire Engine so ours being red does the job well, We carry a comprehensive amount of medical equipment together with tools specifically designed to assist in removing a trapped driver from a vehicle. Motorsport Rescue Units are crewed entirely by unpaid volunteers who give up their own time traveling on the unit, providing rescue and medical cover at motorsport events. All crew members are required to hold current Motorsport UK Rescue licenses, and some have added to this basic requirement with continuous personal development, usually in their own time.