Life (saving) in the fast lane

Life (saving) in the fast lane - We speak to Openhouse Products

After our bags leave the safety of our warehouse us we often wonder where they’ve ended up in the big wide world! We managed to catch up with Catseye Rescue to learn what our bags get up to with them in the exciting world of Motorsport Rescue. 
The draw of Motorsport is also what makes it challenging – it’s fast paced, high risk and high reward. A loss of concentration for even a fraction of a second can send a car flying off the course, whatever the course may be – a forest or road rally, racetrack, sprint or hill climb event. A crash poses the additional challenge of stabilising the vehicle as well as the patient, so it’s crucial that the Catseye Rescue team are all highly qualified in extrication techniques as used by the Fire & Rescue Services, first aid and the necessary training to assist a paramedic. It’s clear why the unit operates to the stringent standards set by Motorsport UK, the governing body, to ensure they take part in regular training to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. 
With all this action a possibility, what does a typical day entail? Lee Skilling, team leader at Catseye Rescue, talks us through…
“Usually an early start, for me it’s prepping the unit for the event, stocking the team up with food and drink and checking through the paperwork – not the most exciting start, but very necessary! I need to know when we’re signing on, check all our kit is in date and that the hydraulics are working. When we get to the stage we sign on, get the coffee on then it’s time to let the fun begin as we wait for the participants to arrive; there’s usually a whole range of cars like Subarus and Mk2 Escorts. I also like to make sure I cook the team a great meal to keep us well energised for the day – this can be a lot of fun when we’re in the middle of nowhere in a forest!”   
Lee loves the social aspect of the job, working as a team and building relationships but most of all “going home from the event not turning a wheel as you know everyone made it home safely.” 
Catseye Rescue chose to use our bags after seeing them on frontline ambulances, being used by the paramedics they work with. Their sister unit, Catseye Response, was the first place they used our bags. They are a stage safety unit, similar to a rapid response vehicle carrying licensed rescue crew and a doctor or paramedic, and offer immediate first aid before the full rescue unit arrives. 
On deciding why to use our bags, Lee tells us: “Openhouse gave us the advice we needed for the bags we required. We found the range of bags offered the professional image we were looking for whilst still suiting our needs – thankfully it wasn’t a case of style over substance.  The micrAgard wipe clean is perfect for attending incidents in muddy forest conditions – a quick wipe down and the bag is looking as new again.”
As well as supplying bags to the Catseye units we have also enjoyed printing up their overalls to complete the job. 

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