Catseye Rescue: Qualifies for a British Motor Sport Training Trust Grant

Some Good News for Catseye Rescue... 

When motorsport in the Uk halted due to the covid-19 outbreak, what started off to be a promising year for Catseye Rescue it all came to a flying halt the second week of March due to the Covid-19 outbreak hitting our shores and literally people dropping like flies that have caught it. We are hoping like all the other rescue units in the UK that this doesn't last too long as we all have lots of equipment that still needs to be in date and serviced but not doing anything. 

We have been fortunate enough to be supported by the British Motorsport Training Trust who met last week and have generously provided some much-needed funds towards the expense of putting Catseye Rescue on the road.  Lee Skilling Crew Chief said, " Michele and I  are grateful to the British Training Trust for their support and to Allan Dean Lewis for helping secure funding by making the process straight forward for us". The funds will now be used to support the unit throughout the year and provide vital support at motorsport events ( When we have killed Covid-19).